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hi and thanks for taking the time to read the COPYRIGHT.
GLOW was created in 1997. i have been working on the site off and on ever since. sometimes more off than on. it has had many facelifts and tummytucks. i would appreciate it if you would just view the graphics, text, media in the context of if you ever see my music or pictures on anything other than, please let me know

All music, images, FLASH Multimedia (Macromedia®) and text (including HTML design and the printed lyrics on the three fifths website) copyrighted by pjrey All rights reserved. Music, text, and images may only be viewed in the context of these pages. Linking to individual images, or pages other than the index, is strictly forbidden (music files, Flash slide-shows, scripts, and poems for example). Just please dont do it, be a good boy/girl and follow the rules! I put in a lot of hard work making my page look the way it does. feel free to burn music from the ef website or three fifths website.. just give credit where credit is due. no stealing code or graphics please.

If you have any questions about anything, or your not sure about something or you see my code on some other site or my music please let me know..

( email pjrey)