the everlasting first is matt raymo and myself. (pictures of us here ||pictures||) we have been recording for about 5-6 years. (if you can count the early early
four track days). matts from pa. our families have known each-other for ever...
we use to tugg on eachothers penises when we were babies... we have grown up seeing
each-other off-and-on for many years after that but. it wasn't until he came to
work i in the summer of 1996 that we really hit it off... the rest, as they
say, is history.

i have uploaded each song in mp3 at a pretty decent bitrate (VBR 190-256)
**the everlasting first is very HONERED if you burn our music to cd! feel free
to do so and pass it among your friends!!!**
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download ENTIRE everlasting first self titled album here! [the everlasting]

video clip of me and matt rocking it out! [spell is cast-video clip] [4.9 MB]
video clip of me and matt rocking it out! [the way it was-video clip] [5.4 MB]
the everlasting first: odds and ends
song title
i will be thowing in new bits and pieces... so stay tuned...
calm me and education: we rushed this one.. the summer coming to a end.. me and peter leaving for europe... when i got back from europe (22nd of dec.) i began remixing it... i tried and tried.. but it never sounded right. i finally realized many things were just not right. things are wrong all over. so instead of pushing it and forcing it.. im going to start fresh, and let the album 'sit' for a while... . but here are two songs that did turn out okay. enjoy. be sure and tell me what you think.
your too beautiful for this world
calm me (over 3,850 downloads) *
you are an education

the everlasting first: self titled
song title
this was our first album (under the title everlasting first anyhow), turned out very well i think. the mixing is very good, everything is pretty strong... i have some fond memories of this album... matt really put in a lot of time on this album. he'd be over at the lodge, in his room, drinking tea, sweatin away... he sometimes would put thick heavy blankets on top of him while he sang as a way to "sound-proof" himself. he was self-concious of the guests right above his room... who wouldn't be. its a rough thing, singing out loud, to music no one else hears... matt did some fun piano on for night to come. drumbs are a little rough.. oh well. that what this album is all about. give it a listen.

we had recorded two previous albums, both of which i think it best not to post on this site, if you know what i mean... enjoy!
am i the only one
your love is magic *
for night to come
fashion gal*
sun-damaged mind
you got to get down
being with you
out to california*
death on the freeway
*= pj's personal favs... yum yumm
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