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-song order-

2-this is the album
3-into las augas
4-fifthsomniac philharmonic
5-hear this word
6-pit 6
8-manifestations of the veritable devil
10-riding the rez route


This wasn’t written for you
don’t think that it was
Someone’s got to speak up above the buzz
Someone’s got to speak but nobody does
So we keep on speakin just because

Every minute we’re in it we end an begin it
All you’ve got to do is pop it in make it spin but
Tonight we rise up above the rest no sleep we leap up above the rest
We can see everything from way up here we can see you baby down there crystal clear
We speak into the machine an we disappear
An we keep on sayin this we’re sayin this still
Everybody’s got a place and a space to fill
But why didn’t you say it? We’re the only ones
Is anyone else makin rap albums?
No one else but us
Makes this Repercuss
No one speaks a word
No one makes a Fuss
Someone’s gotta get the verve and the nerve to serve and to
Say things, Wind up
Words like
And it might not be the greatest but who just played this?
Who just heard every word who just heard us say this?
So just sit back and sing along
You can say this just like you made the song

But what is it that you’ve got to do?
All the good times what have they gotten you?
What did you put all your thought into?
While we were makin one
Rap album

What’s wrong with you, that makes you sleep so deep?
Who will make what’s incomplete complete?
With the ah-ha and we’re gone again can’t do it like that with a fountain pen
You know you’ve hit it by the way it makes you shiver when you say it
Say it! Just erupt! We go risin’ up! We’re talking now don’t you interrupt!
Everything we thought we laid it down, we said this while you waited around
But you never had really anything to say and
what was it that made you be that way?
Lots of beautiful things lots of beautiful friends on a beautiful day meet a beautiful end
And the things that were and the words you spoke
and the things you saw they were all like smoke
but this persists gets mixed amidst
the small talk pocket change laundry lists
and it comes out sounding
just like this
the only way you can say it
is just like this
and we somehow add to the endlessness
(where it ends up anybody’s good to guess)
while some of us play and some play a part
while the rest of us wait for the rest to start
but look at how we’ve done it now, it sings itself! And
This is this, not anything else!
And this nothing else ever could have been!
What have you done with your oxygen?
So just let this be what it’s got to be
Though it’s not what you thought that it ought to be
cuz it isn’t any valentine we wrote for you
We’re still the ones that were talking to
(yer just the one that were talking through)



What next? Where to? Adios amigos don’t stop move on thru

Me and ramon
We travel alone
The thoughts in our heads
Are all that we own
You must just leave cuz you never really know
Until you really go if you’ll ever really go

Fishin boats float in the sleepy silence
We take boats to the outer islands
Island to island fishin line pilin’
Fishermen’s nets like ladies’ nylons
The sea so serene and aquamarine the sea and the sky and us
In between
Got the outboard engine singin’ soft
Tell ‘em this‘ll be fine you can drop us off

We’re looking for another man that passed this way si ya lo se
You can have what yo want but you have to pay
With everything else that you cast away

Alone unknown given up for dead we lost everything but we kept ahead and
Everything behind us we gave it up
Time can only be spent
You can’t save it up
Map on a napkin two of us captains hands off the helm
what happens happens
Many days many nights many times between
Many seas crossed many cities seen

But there’s only one thing, only one theme
Don’t you feel like a figure in another man’s dream


Into the city they sent two spies
We know as we go as we improvise
But samantha’s wise, she knows all the tricks
She hangs from her neck two cinnamon sticks
I said there’s one for me, and one for ramon
We travel by sea, we travel alone
?Que quieres mi vida? Esta escondida.
Off again leave no stone unthrown

She’s seen many scenes many situations
Freckles of her face like the constellations
I wish I knew the words of the Lamentations
I wish I knew all the words of the Lamentations

Streets always lead in we begin to spin
Nostrils fill with the filthy wind
Cup your hands and hold what your fists enfold is the
Night like the telling of a tale half told here
Burnouts bounce off the painted bricks we swing
From the city like a crucifix
Let he without sin be the first to mix
Down in the dirt with the derelicts

You’ll get where you’re goin
You don’t have to hurry
Te salutant, morituri


Rainy days cafes gypsy licks
Heretics gypsies catholics
All kinds a’ cliques
Tippin back glasses
All kinds a’ castes
All kinds a’ classes
High class low class but we’ve got no class
And no class’s got us, the classes fergot us
O the proud and the pretty will just be dust
That we shake from our feet as we exodus

You can break you can bend you can just contend hold out for the end we begin again
We saw monuments to men that were dead and gone
And the plaques of bronze that their names were on
But for me and ramon there will be no plaques
We slide through the space where the monuments crack
Let us be always lookin’ on an never lookin’ back
Take no trail make no track

The cities will sink and what to prevent em?
The cities stand still but we’ve got momentum


Ploughshares pounded to paddleshafts
All waters one all watercrafts
Capable to carry us ferry us on we
Paddled out the night an on beyond
With the sirens firin’ off their songs in front and behind us they couldn’t find us
We kept on slept on the sandy beaches stepped onto lands in the outer reaches
Enkidu and Gilgamesh Tarshish to Carchemesh
The sky broke open like a bottle of wine and the champagne sea like the seven signs
We don’t just admire it we take it
Like pirates
Ramon I said sing! I can strum the string! Make it move through us into everything
We must cut to the marrow, companero
Past all passions, passing fashions

Till there’s nothing left to say, nothing to prove
It’s only music if it moves you or makes you move



This is what it’s like. Grey Mice strike. Fifthsomnia keep ya up all night
Three-fifths! Still up, still makin it beep
We say this play this still can’t sleep

I can see through the lids of my eyes
We metamorphosize and rise
Like butterflies
We break out, shake out the vestibule
Young folks freak at bluegrass festivals
Will you really write? I write every night. I turn off the light. I turn on the light.
what I remember most were the rows a’ teeth
that flashed when you laughed like a knife unsheathed
beneath everything is
what there really is, even mud puddles shimmer on their surfaces
what comes in the prettiest of packages
might not be the thing that you think it is


There’s really no where that I’ve got to go
Sit back tip back coffee cup slow
When you’re sick of the same, come see me.
Saw autumn erupt
Fall from the trees
You git me hit me split me at the seams
Grey mice dream out endless dreams
Unstable atoms spin electrons loose
My mind lets loose like a sluice: Listen
Blown from the lung
flung from the tongue
Wrung from the mind
Sung from the spine
Decibels break like a wave on a lake
I’m still wide awake wide awake wake
so what so many of the songs we made
never got heard never get played?
They fill in the stillness spill into space
Packed into plastic there’s still one place
Where our words still rip still snap still whip still slap like a spatula strapped at the lip
For we swill not all sleep
But some will perform
Take air make it flare make it fill with form
All the words we write at night recite
Hit me hard if you hit me hit me hard, alright?
In time there’ll be time when we’ll rest again and the rhyme we write we’ll be resting in


6-PIT 6

Sunlight dimmin’
We ride alright playin rap cassettes and rainy day women
As me an you and I don’t know who
Go windin through the woods to a rendezvous
And I don’t know where and I don’t know when
And I don’t know how it’s all gonna end but we just
Press on, and we just pretend
And we let the road bend where the road will bend
Where’s this chain of headlights headed tonight?
Strung out through the trees like Christmas lights
Kids in their parents’ Chevrolets
Down the same path that their parents paved
I know every backwoods back way route
Many roads wind through but just one leads out an
Switchin down the backroads the black rows of tree trunks open up before us
And we all sing along to the rap song chorus

But who was that sittin in the back of the car thinking about possibilities
thinking about getting out shout out!
Get your fix at gravel pit six
Get your kicks at gravel pit six

Have we come to the camp of some ostrogoths cut a swath
Through the smoke and the white winged moths
In these bonfires bright let the night ignite
Let us live no less than we dream we might
We know what it’s like to feel all aflame
All afloat up above all the rules of the game
With yer mind in yer skull all fluttering free
Like a bird that though caged knows no differently
With my brains all gelled up, swelled up right
And my belt-buckle buckled up boots laced tight
I stepped out of myself and into the expanses
We take chances on the night
On the chance we’ll strike it right
If they bust us, great
We just hide and wait
With all contraband they might confiscate
It’s a game an we all participate
And we play by the rules that they predicate
But what about when yer done what then?
You gotta move on or you tend to blend
But tonight we’ve got some time to spend
But if Shakespeare was here at gravel pit six
He could help me impart what this pit depicts
We could sit acting smart while they try their tricks
We could catch everything like a camera clicks
But William, whatabout the ones over there with their hairspray hair wear their
Mascara thick, make a move, make it quick
Make the clock hand stick
Make the moon stand still up above the hill
Where it hangs in the sky like a little white pill
And you sit with your rings and we say nice things
But there’s nothing you could give I would want to get
You can’t see where you’ll be when you’re not there yet
But if I seem to be sinkin you could take me up
If I’m looking like I like it you could shake me up
Someone like you-- you could help me through
Who could push me on should I wait vacillate
Help me escalate out to some sunshine state


Darkness shrinks with the longneck clinks
With the eyes filled up with the bloodshot blinks
And it’s not quite night not quite light
Not quite clear not quite right
Across all the cracklin plastic cups
Birdcalls fall fill the forest up
And someone tells a lie and someone tells a joke and someone sits back blows tobacco smoke
And we all just sit wait for it to hit
And the cars pull out of the gravel pit

Go on throw on switch on the dawn
Let this all be a hazy recollection
Let this night and this pit disperse in the dust
Of a gravel pit pipe dream pipe bomb bust



Whose room is this?
Where I loom like this?
Where I rise up so voluminous?
Where it’s hot, bright but perpetual night
Where I stomp my feet like a troglodyte
Where blacklights beam, bodies sweat steam
Sway in the spray of the fog machine
Everybody in the black polypropylene
Everybody wants a crack at the disco dream
Everybody on the mack and they might attack
Swoop down, hit hard, one-two contact
But I’m spring-loaded action packed
Step on up mama so I can blow you back
The masses molasses bodies erupt
Bodies go down and they don’t get up
The night is as viscous as Valvoline
Bet we could make it burn like gasoline
Like a moth and a match when the two attach
Eyes like kerosene catch
People prowl on the asphalt avenues
Where we stop start see and we do
Crowds trickle through
The nightclubs discos cabarets
Feel my words as they trickle down the passageway
All things converge and then pass away
As we ride on the tide of this Saturday
Cause can’t do, they can only say
Make you feel this way, make you feel this. Feel this.

Refrain: Dis-co-tecaleptic

I hop hip, I make the record skip
So take the record off, and play the three fifths
Every disco runs into all the rest
Bangkok runs into Budapest
And all the nights run into a synthesis
Of just one night, just like this
Infectious flow limbs swim slow atmosphere thick as electric snow
Now someone bust a brick though the back window
Or we’ll be laid low when the heat stroke strikes
And we’ll all go down in the disco-lights
It’s so packed if I go down, I might not get up
When I’m fed up I’ll let up and change up my set up
I might bring down this discoteque I might go down like an epileptic
I might just snap into two, and dance with my self
That might be better than dancing with you
Bonjour comotallyvu?
I used to step, come on, steplike you
We never had a plan it was impromtu and we moved like that till the cockadoodledoo
Back at the high school dances I used to twist it, even back then I was anachronistic
Moves unknown body part thrown disapproving looks from the chaperone
Homecoming queen come down from your throne, let the mc make your body move free like he shakes these moves outta me


Photons spark in this ink like darkness strobe lights spatter eyes batter eyes blink
Bodies boil like a sea risin up to the brink
What do they think? And where are they from? What do they want? Why do they come?
Weekend to weekend, whatever they might be seekin is just enough to bring em back it beckons like a beacon but the night wont hold and the sun must rise and nothing ends up as nice as was advertised
That’s why when you buy from the bargain bins it always breaks down
And you buy again
Can’t fake the false for the genuine
Jockey chop-chop make the poppy stop!
No sugar please just the hopty-hop!
Nothing more nothing less than the stress un-stress
as my words rise up and they effervesce
when this daydream ends , some will ascend, some will go down in the lights and smoke and they’ll dance without end with the disco-folk



Goin back to Fresno
I packed the Pepto-Bismol
And a pair a’ black slacks for the bus ride back I
Sit in this seat in this devilish heat
Thinking somethin’s gone wrong with my digestive track
No trees no breeze just a pack a’ Spanish G’s
Looking shifty hangin out by an ol Micky D’s
With my hands in my pocket and my stomach upset
Stepping off the bus feelin ambivalent
This is a devilish land and the devil had a hand
In its making I’m sure. You can smell the sulfur.
He’s been spotted at dusk with his head dipped down just the way one day that he ambled
Into town his lips were drawn tight his eyes were a-beveled
Some thought he was the law. I knew he was the devil, he said:
Howdy ladies I know it’s been a long time, but this time I’m stayin and I’ve made up my mind. I saw this all myself but I’m not the only one who says so. A lot of people know that the devil lives in Fresno.

Chorus: If I come back here again I’m gonna wipe my soul of all its sin
Cuz fates are sealed down in Bakersfield, out in cali
I’ve seen him on the sidewalks stepping through the night barely splashin in the puddles in the gleam of the gaslight, goin fast across the vast open valley

I saw the devil he was slinkin down the streets he was slappin at his knees to the dance floor beats. His eyes lit slits that would flare up and flit as he bit his upper lip and he let his head dip I recognized him back from when I used to hang loose down by the tram tracks dippin snuse. Dr. Suess had a handle on the way he’d corrupt like in butter battle book when they get all worked up and they get all worked up over preferential toast infernal hosts make the most out of anything they can an they’ll eat up yer soul if you give ‘em the chance. Watch out for him at clubs wearin party pants. Devils, devils, ubiquitous as Coke. Risin up ominous like a thick smoke. I once saw the devil with a milk mustache grinning from a billboard as I blew past. And on the freeways I always spot that stinker cutting through the cars never bother with the blinker and I’ve seen him manifested all through my past. Line dancing depants-ing little kids in gym class rodeos car shows the back rows of theaters. hiding, presiding, guiding back a liter. Lord lord the devil’s a tryer, a schemer and a liar. Highly wily rapidly he’ll fire a fiery little dart in any vulnerable part.

There’s so much dust it’s down I my chonies and cow dung crusts up my brand new sauconeys. I wonder if the Beach Boys had they been to the central valley would’ve crooned a different tune when they sang about cali. If you come to get calified Encinitas Oceanside you’re bound to discover that there’s a whole nother califonia that lurks far from the tides where the sun’s so hot that it scorches your skin. This is the land that the devil lives in, this is the land that the devil lives in.


Wake up wake up wipe off yer make up
Put down the pink plastic daiquiri cup
See the daylight’s brief and the night’s abrupt
It won’t call first, it will just show up
All the crystal you collected will quickly crack
Every pot that we polish will just blacken back
My mind’s all filled up with bric-a-brac
Please pass me a page from the almanac
What you fill yerself with, instill yerself with
We thrill and we kill and we spill ourself with
All that’s aside when it’s time to ride
Either drive or slide to the passenger side
Who was it that you were who came with her
Who left? you stayed? who made a stir?
I can change my outfit if you prefer
but I’ll still be here makin things occur
We act react we write redact
We give and we get we forgive and forget
We buy and we bet and we build and we break
and we lie and we fake and we lie awake

What can I say that you wanna hear? It’s already out in the atmosphere. Once it’s gone from me the music’s free. What I say make it play like an MP3.

You can make it bend baby you can make it break
The prophets all sleep but we’re wide awake
The cities expand and the graveyards too the cities fall down but they’re built anew the sidewalks crack and the grass grows thru these things just do what they’re sposed to do
I hear ‘em calling in the kitchens, kitchen knifes glisten, you can make the music but you can’t make em listen make em move make blink don’t make a big stink people make it go clink in upholstered apartments apart from the people in other compartments each separate soul safe in it’separate department.
Summertime autumn come wintertime spring. Birdsongs sound like the lost souls sing!
Everything is alright, when the moon is red we will rise in the skies like the bible said.



Yeah that’s me on the back of the bus clingin to my seat thinking that in just two more stops I’m off and way and I’ll be safe for the rest of the day.
Get back rat pack slappin at yer backpack Boy you gunna take that? Or blow up like a Blackcat? But until you get home you’re in their hands and remember that tomorrow you’ll be ridin it again Aw mama there’s too much drama on this route. All I can think about is bustin out. Well I know you say ride it anyway but I just can’t ride anymore.
Now life on the rezervation isn’t all that easy and it’s understood
Allow me articulation, there’s gotta be a better way to make ya feel good
My guts are bustin I think I’m gonna snap but I hunker down deeper put my hands in my lap. Now I can take a few hits and remain alive but
When I get a car I will drive

Chorus: why you makin so much trouble, all along the way? When we get to where we’re goin, that is where I’ll stay

From where I sit I get hit with every bit of it pen cap paper clip chew spit get rid of it
Some scrapes I suppose I can take a few of those but what about the ones bear the brunt of the blows? Rezward you ride while I get to slide I get to my house I get safely inside while you go down with it every single time, along down past the reservation line, so I take a few hits, but I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. But why does anybody do what anybody does? If anyone had any sense they’d safeguard all the innocence,
But that was
Not the way it was
When I road the raging
reservation bus


Bridge: The ride is rough and hard enough I’m riding all the way
You can ride and you can hide I’m riding all the way